Leatherwork Reimagined

Embark on a ruggedly elegant journey adorned with the artistry of hand-tooled leather at The Rodeo Rose. Envision cowgirls draped in attire that exudes both raw charm and refined craftsmanship, featuring meticulously hand-tooled leather graphic designs that tell a tale of untamed spirit.

Nestled in the rugged landscapes of South Dakota, The Rodeo Rose is a haven where skilled hands bring each leather good to life, showcasing the intricate beauty of hand-tooled designs. Our commitment to crafting durable and distinctive pieces goes beyond fashion; it's a celebration of the artistry ingrained in every stitch.

What sets us apart? Beyond the rugged allure, our designs are more than just fashion – they're a testament to the mastery of hand-tooled leather. Handmade in-house, each piece not only reflects the untamed spirit of the American frontier but also boasts originality with unique hand-tooled leather graphic designs.

Proudly sourced from the rugged terrains of the USA, our materials contribute to the resilience and character of each creation. So, join us at The Rodeo Rose, where rugged elegance meets the untamed spirit of the American frontier, and celebrate the cowgirl within you with uniquely crafted, hand-tooled leather fashion featuring captivating graphic designs.

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    I received so many compliments on how elegant the blazer was and craftmanship 💜

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  • Brandi

    I always adore supporting small businesses but the craftsmanship and quality of my new hat is just stunning! I am constantly asked where I got my hat from! 😍😍

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Class up your outfit the cowgirl way! 

Built for your lifestyle!

Use it, wear it, love it! Leather just becomes more beautiful with age. The Rodeo Rose uses only the best quality top grain leather that ages gracefully and only becomes more and more beautiful with use!

Take it to a jackpot, rodeo, night on the town and pass them down to your kids and grandkids! The Rodeo Rose creates beautifully hand tooled products with depth and artistic designs.